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Will Insurance Pay?

They should. Health insurance companies, including HMO's, Medicare, Workmen's Compensation that reimburse for "medical appliances or support devices" generally cover Nada-Chair products provided they are prescribed by a qualified healthcare professional for a bonafide medical condition. The reimbursed amount is usually at or near the full retail price (subject of course to the usual vagaries of insurance companies).

Insurance companies sometimes deny "retroactive authorization requests" unless they are deemed "medically necessary and urgent". You need to decide, then, whether you wish to get authorization before or after you purchase.

In order to get reimbursed by your insurer, you or your Durable Medical Equipment (DME) dealer will need:

    1) A signed prescription from a qualified healthcare professional:

        a. specifying Nada-Chair product model(s)
        b. specifying a particular diagnostic code
        c. specifying a particular billing code

    2) Insurance company's name and telephone number.

    3) Your insurance ID number and date of birth.

    4) Your name, address, day-time phone.

Your chances for getting reimbursed are greatly improved if required forms are properly filled out with all the proper codes. (We recommend you print a copy of the codes on the linked page to give to your healthcare professional.)