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How It Works

PROBLEM - Chairs Don't Work

"All my life my legs have been banged up by chairs that I've designed"

                                                              - Frank Lloyd Wright


Slouching is a universal back problem that can lead to permanent and painful deformations of the spine. Not only do chairs NOT solve this problem, most often they make it worse! Why? Chairs are passive mechanisms that cannot provide adequate support at the low back where it is essential for healthy, comfortable and upright posture. So-called "ergonomic" chairs promise lumbar support, but they can't deliver. Serving only as props for slouched spines, these chairs make back problems worse. Why else do so many complain of low back pain and associated neck and shoulder stress caused by slouching? Bottomline: chairs don't work.




SOLUTION - Wear Your Chair

The ideal chair that moves with the body "just as a glove moves with the hand that wears it."

                                                              - Emilio Ambasz

The Nada-Chair is the chair that you wear. This slouch-busting sling lets you sit comfortably for hours with effortless good posture. When you sit forward, the back support follows. Since the Nada-Chair follows your body with every move, you constantly enjoy firm, adjustable and dynamic support hugging your low back. "The Nada-Chair acts like an extra muscle that never tires," explains Arthur White, MD. By using the knees to stabilize the pelvis, muscles are relieved of their isometric tasks. The pelvis becomes a stable pedestal on which the spine can effortlessly rest with natural curves restored.